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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Beirut Attack Destroys Port and 85% of Grain, As Beirut's Central Bank Director Has Assets Seized, and Globalists Need More Fear and Distraction

stock here: How do you make fertilizer into a fertilizer bomb?


Watching the Videos, this was a double explosion, much like Reactor 3 in Fukushima.

Using one explosion to set off an even larger explosion.

The explosion source was not the "Ghost Ship" Rhosus from which they seized the Ammonium Nitrate in 2014.   That ship was tied up at the sea wall, not parked at the precious loading space by the grain elevators.

So they parked a "grain boat" by the grain elevators, which a MOAB on

That was the first explosion.   That then set off the 2.7 Kilo-Tons of Ammonium Nitrate stored in a warehouse further from the water.    The "Ghost Ship" was also destroyed in the blast, as it is no longer "reporting to satellites".

Practical Summary, Lebanon has another port in Tripoli.   Lebanon lost 85% of its grain storage in this blast.   They import 80% of all their food.

The Epicenter of the blast was immediately in front of the grain silos.  Capite?

There was a Ship called the Rhosus which was last pegged in Beirut, and is now "out of range" of satellite tracking.

Apparently this vessel became stranded there in 2014 when it was detained after a number of maritime safety deficiencies were found.    It was later abandoned by the owner.

Also, don't miss this....In the last months there have numerous attacks, explosions, jet fighter intercepts in Iran.    Internal moles have turned against the Iran Regime and "we have it all".   Not sure the endgame.

Lebanon is already challenged on a number of fronts.

Far bottom is some before and after, including satellite pictures.

When the narrative needs changing, or a temporary distraction until another narrative can be rolled out, a couple of military attacks and/or explosions is standard in the playbook.

These can have multiple "purposes" in the "perfect world".

For instance, probably not many people know that

About two weeks ago during July, a Lebanese court ordered the seizure of assets of the governor of the central bank, Riad Salameh.

Now a major bomb explosion rocks Beirut

The globalist cartel does not like central banks being challenged ... the explosion perhaps an instance of how central bankers retaliate?

But this is not-congruent with this also being a bomb....unless the General Director is also on Epsteins flight logs, LOL, aka Bad Actor.

The General Director of the Beirut stated that tons of Ammonium Nitrate exploded in the harbor, this was confiscated years ago and stored in warehouses in the wharf.

Newer thoughts....Lebanon is 60% Muslim, by weakening them, destroying food supply and economics, then a false flag attack from "Lebanon to Israel", followed by a real attack from Israel to Lebanon will drive Muslims to leave Lebanon in droves and then "caring" Europe will take them in for a third wave of invasion (I mean immigration)

also see this on target website


Trump hints that the Beirut explosion was a bomb:

Some views of the explosion.    Very interesting, in the first clip a woman screams out "babe" and then a man responds "I'm good, I'm good".   Surprised to hear English.

More angles
They do have "mini nukes" like the type used in 911 to "create space" for the buildings to fall into.

Some scenes definitely show firework type light ups.


  1. Pourquoi parlé d'invasion quand des pays arabes sont attaqués ? Tu crois que c'est drôle pour ces gens là de quitter leur pays ? Pour des pays qui n'acceptent pas leurs mode de vie (religion etc)? Juste ce propos la rend son contenu a vomir, tu dit sa sans aucune gêne ni respect pour l'humain, franchement tu n'est qu'une merde

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  3. Comment above supports the invasion of Europe of with non-integrating non working people who have destroyed the identity of Europe, in our many years ago conclusion that the goal was destruction of national identity and to "make it all suck". The separations from the EU are clear examples that this early conclusion was totally true.

    Why talk about invasion when Arab countries are attacked? Do you think it's funny for these people to leave their country? For countries which do not accept their way of life (religion etc)? Just this saying makes her content to vomit, you say her without any embarrassment or respect for the human, frankly you are a shit

    1. And they follow with a death wish-----
      These Frenchies....sheesh

      I hope that one day you will have to undergo this kind of event, and that nobody welcomes you, die all alone, you do not deserve respect, big mother

  4. More pictures of missile(s) published today on


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