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Monday, August 31, 2020

Biden Pummels Trump, PA, 5 People Present, 1 A Muslim With a Face Shield Too. His Rally

An astute reader pointed out there were 27 people outside the Clown show.    That makes 33 total.    $1.235M in transportation and security costs, and that make $37,500 per person to "get the word out" from outside the basement.

If you watched NBC, you would see big planes, big buildings, and think Big Joe was doing big things.   With his black mask.

yeah all 5 of them LOL
The fight over whether Americans are in more peril now and in the future under Trump or down the road under Biden has become a central issue a little more than two months before Election Day. Many Democrats were heartened by Biden's remarks.
Oh so here is the reality---- note the circle protects you, unlike what a simple X would do.

and watch this one....big Joe hits it out of the park

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