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Sunday, August 2, 2020

COVID Fudging Data Openly By Bad Actor States, 10 States Analyzed

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The first Table is the Summary and most important, the other images are the backup

I wasn't going to do COVID research today, but once you get down a rabbit hole!

Wisconsin has 279 people in the hospital, this is .0048% of population, only 88 is in intensive care, yet on August 1st they mandated a mask rule with a fine.

Pennsylvania put all of their intensive care patients on the Vent, the surest way to kill them. 

Rhimes with Transylvania, LOL

The 10 states depicted, representing just shy of half of the USA has an average of 0.0233% of the population in the hospital.

Data Source (very left)

Spanish Flu data source

IC 1

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