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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Don't Dox Yourself Or Allow A Late Game Ban, You Need To Monitor The Enemy Narrative, Stay In The Game

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If you have been around here for any time, it should be obvious that we are in an asymmetric guerilla war.    Some people use Twitter or Facebook to monitor the "narrative".

I expect in the next weeks, millions of accounts of right wingers are going to be eliminated, by digging through your past quotes and tweets and finding a reason to ban your account.

So there is no benefit to your past history.

And it is also wise to have a secondary account, if you wish to remain on the digital battlefield.

It's free, it works.

Disqus is making it very hard to eliminate your account, and it appears they have to feature to just eliminate all the comments.   If there is no benefit to you of having these accounts (and there isn't) get rid of them.

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