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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Galactic Cosmic Rays Causing Much More Deaths From Lightning, And Lighting From The Earth

LOL been distracted with "politics" and insurgencies.

Been meaning to write this up a while.

If you are paying attention, there is:

1) A lot more lightning strikes on people and animals, this is just today

2) There is a lot more hail, and a lot more damaging hail

Trust me, and DDG it

3) There is a lot more vulcanism
4) There is a lot more lightning that starts on the earth going up.    Like that massive Chinese transformer explosion/fire last week.

Very few people even know this phenomenon exists.  There have been like 10 events in the last month.

The earth is very non-uniform underground.   The early images we learned of the mantle looking very uniform are not even close to the truth.   And there is a global electric circuit which also manifests in the earth itself.    Magnetics and Electrics go hand in hands.

It appears that China gets hit with this ground up lightning pretty often.   And if you do a search, you will see many of the videos that feature ground up lightning are from around 10 years ago (the last solar minimum).

At solar minimums, penetration of Galactic Cosmic Rays is increased, and because we also have magnetic excursions that also weakens the magnetic protection of earth and allows more CGRs in.

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