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Friday, August 28, 2020

Hawaii Disgustingly On Full Lockdown, Hospitals Only at 25% Initial Capacity, 12% Expanded Capacity

They put their energy into "contract tracing", disgusting Marxist policies beyond belief.

The picture is a come on, because in Hawaii, even in the smallest islands like Molokai, with 5 cases and no one in the hospital, you can't go sit on the beach.    You can't even just go float in the water.   You have to be actively swimming, or they send out lifeguards to assist with your arrest and ticketing.   Up to a year in jail.   Governor Ige, a big fan of China.
No Mask, No Freedom
Most of Hawaii's retailers started reopening in May (at least, those that could reopen),
and whatever is driving the outbreak isn't entirely clear. Some speculate that Hawaii's large multigenerational families who often live together have been holding more public gatherings, creating more opportunities for the virus to spread.

Additionally, the state's scant resources have apparently worn thin as Hawaii worked to enforce its mandatory quarantine restrictions (one of the few states to do so) and poured resources into contact tracing. Right now, the state can only handle roughly 3 new tracing cases per day, which barely dents the current caseload.

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