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Monday, August 17, 2020

Hmmmm, Support for Windows 7 (The Best OS) Ended Same Month the COVID "Plandemic" Started

stock here: speak of the devil....just added the new ZH story

I am downloading my "Free Upgrades to Windows 10"

Yes it still exists, in an odd place, and I did it on once non-essential machine which is basically a space weather and yoga server.  It worked over 3 months ago, and no problems since.

But it occurred to me....if you were part of a Cabal trying to add as much stress to a population, forcing a new, clunky, and extra spying capable OS on people would be a good way to do it.

So our fuddy duddy Psychopath Bill Gates, steps down from Microsoft to focus on his "next project" the COVID scam.   But prior to that arranges for Windows 7 to stop support, with scary tales of computer viruses.......hmmmmm

Maybe we could get the President of Ghana to "read this one out".


  1. Win 7, yeah MS keeps sending me reminders to get win 10, so how do they know what OS is on my computer? Riddle me that.

    1. I'll post the method to get a free upgrade from the Microsoft site. It still works from years back.
      Making 4 USB drives with installation code, no additional software number needed.


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