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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Insanity in Alaska, New Zealand-- Mandatory Mask If You Are Driving In Your Car With Your Wife

Data Effery -- All Part Of The Plan
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The deaths and sickness in Alaska is near ZERO.   And yet they introduce this utter Bullshit now!

Ireland also, formerly land of the strong and brave, now a horrific Fascist state: 1 Death yesterday.
Send money, muzzles, and vaccines…

Australia?   Beyond toast, insanity!

Face coverings are not required when:
  • Working or spending time alone in a personal office with a closed door
  • Working or spending time outdoors (e.g., walking, exercising) where a six-foot distance is continuously maintained between individuals
  • Operating a single occupancy vehicle
  • Teleworking (i.e., not reporting on site to a University work location)
  • Inside a private on-campus residential unit
  • Eating or drinking provided that a six-foot physical distance between people is continuously maintained
  • Special communal work environments such as the fire station where additional protective measures are in effect
  • During specifically exempted medical or training exercises.
  • Specifically exempted activities in recreation and/or athletics facilities.

at all times starting Monday, August 24, 2020, in the Student Recreation Center, the Patty Ice Rink, and the Patty Pool in order to address the anticipated increased use of these facilities with Fall Semester, as well as the upcoming cooler weather.

There are only a few exceptions to not wearing a face covering allowed in this policy, such as while swimming or if you have a medical exemption. UAF FAQs is helpful information, as well as the details on our website organized by specific facility/activity. 

We know masks can be uncomfortable when you are working hard. We empathize with the feeling and situation. As UAF transitions to less restrictive phases, we are ready to revisit all our policies.
Our staff is being trained on how to communicate this policy and remind people of the need. If you see someone who is not masked, feel free to remind them or contact a staff member. 

We will treat everyone with respect and kindness as we adapt to this change. We will be asking patrons to arrive masked. If you drive all the way here and forget one, we have you covered (pun intended), we will give you a mask for the day. 

With this new mask policy, we will be suspending our Tue/Thurs morning hours for high risk patrons. Every evening we diligently clean the facility. The mornings will continue to be the cleanest time, thus the best time for high risk patrons to use our facilties. Due to this increased evening cleaning time, it is important to have patrons leave the facilities at closing time.

It takes our staff a few hours to clean from the Patty locker rooms all the way to the SRC cardio. It years past, we have been quite flexible. Due to our current situation, we need to close up buildings quickly.

We also wanted to let you know that the SRC will be starting Fall hours on Sunday September 6th.
M-F 5:30 am - 10 pm
Sat 9 am - 10 pm
Sun 12 pm - 7 pm

Thanks for helping us get UAF back to normal.

Stay Healthy,

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