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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Jenna Jameson, working to protect kids on the internet.

This is why I have twitter.    She also doxxes some guy on the internet who is claiming to be a "champion of teenage girls"...

Point Roblox gaming platform as a big pedo net.

Jenna Jameson, working to protect kids on the internet.   Many parents are shaming her for being overly protective, and that parent's just need to "talk to kids".


  1. First of all roblox is a gaming platform. Not a babysitting site and you need to be more involved with your kids. And By the way This all happened through discord which is a separate site not involved with roblox at all. Roblox even censors the word discord and its abbreviations. And on a platform of 164 Million people you cant expect this to never happen mentioning the fact that roblox Does not have a million staff members. And they cant do things instantly. So go take your facts and throw them in the trash And go get some new ones because all these storys are mostly not roblox's fault. And by the way when you wanna "ban Roblox" One of the worlds biggest gaming platforms. You ARE against 164 MILLION, active users and youtubers who make a living off it. Along with me, A user that has been playing for over 6 years and has never seen this happen once, BECAUSE AS I SAID, ITS ALL ON DISCORD LADY!!!!!

    1. I guess Jenna plays different games.

    2. Still me- Soo yeahhh she wants it banned? Well im not for it as I have solid weeks of work in a game called Islands/Skyblock/Skyblox On building cities and I'm currently on project Sakura aka little Tokyo. Losing that would mean losing a lot of time and if time is money then she owes me 800,000 dollars if she bans it

    3. Ah, so you have a very vested interest!

    4. Yes Ive spent solid months on a city if I put together all the solid hours Ive been on it I would have the entire month of January, Febuary, March, AKA a whole lot of t i m e


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