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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

NukePro Heavily Read In Asia -- Well Not China, But Hong Kong and Japan

You can damn well bet the Chinese government monitors this site, but they won't let their citizens see this.

And all joking aside, "they" sent a Chinese spy after me, a honey trap.    Online, Facebook, direct messaging.     The image was a totally perfect Chinese lady about 30, with one of her posts showing her golf swing, with an ideal proportioned body in motion.    We did a a dozen DM back and forth, mostly Corona related, she said she was in China so I was curious about what was really going on there.  

Then, because "I don't log into FB much" let's do WhatsApp chat.    I stopped right there.    3 days later her profile was gone.    I wonder the intended end game?   I really doubt it was a lovely Chinese lady, I wish I had some screen captures, but alas.

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