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Sunday, August 16, 2020

QRV "Thinking Patriot" Site May Now Be Compromised, Similar "Takedown" As What Happened to ENENEWS

This is what I saw at ENENEWS which was the front runner anti-nuclear site which heavily investigated Fukushima and other anti-nuclear activities and atrocities.    The site owner was a lawyer from Florida.    Site steadily degraded in functionality, some sections became unusable or just gone.   We suspect the nuclear industrial complex hit him with $500k buyout and then $200K per year "retainer" to occasionally write a story that became less and less hardhitting.

I had faded away mostly, and came back to see it further in tatters.    Started promoting the fact that it was now controlled opposition, meant to keep people spinning their wheel in an echo chamber, rather than finding a better venue for real activism. 

My promotion of the "you are wasting your time in a bought out, shitty, echo chamber" turned into a huge fight between realists and the eco-friendly lefties who couldn't see cause and effect and couldn't stand losing their "precious".    This went on for days, escalating, and then one day the site just wasn't there anymore.    It was a great community, and excellent research and some spin off sites were generated.  But it seemed that my return effectively "put it out of it's misery".

I still get viciously attacked at some other sites, where characters from ENENEWS still follow.    Many are very ideological and effectively blinded by that.    Some "enemies" have formed because I stated that I would not lobby against nuclear weapons.   They couldn't understand that I will not spend my time on the 0.0001% chance that the entire world give up all it's nuclear weapons.  

The "site takedown" playbook.    Much more effective at controlling the opposition rather than just buying the site and shutting it down.   Be Wary!

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