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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Some Evidence That Beirut Was a Failed Nuclear Blast -- Some Finds

stock here.  

Chris Busby posted an early chart on Facebook showing a jump in radiation.

It could be a new, or suspected old, kind of weapon,  a mini-nuke.    Perhaps an intentionally designed "failed criticality".    I guess you could make these in any size you wanted if true.

It that the nature of neo-terrorism?

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This link below from Horse at Caferadlab

I don't like the lack of detail.   CPM implies it is just a Geiger, not a Gamma Scint.   But the type of Geiger, the make of the geiger and the size and the shape of it's tube or pancake is important.

And is the Alpha window open or closed?

Also this
The United Nations Tribunal for Lebanon, which was due to make public its verdict in the case of the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005, decided to postpone it for a few days. Identically in that case, the explosion of a pickup truck masked the firing of a missile with a new weapon, just as this time the explosion of nitrate masked the firing of a missile with another new weapon.
This long delayed 15 year "trial" is curiously timed.

And we all love our central bankers don't we?   Shenanigans anyone?

Note the timing 

And all this 3 days before the Hiroshima anniversary.

And three days prior, the Head of the Central Bank of Lebanon had all his personal assets seized.

It seems like the NYT has always allowed themselves to be the mouthpiece of propaganda.

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  1. The article did have some info on the radiation counter being used.

    "These readings are being taken by

    PEDARA, SICILIA, ITALIA at coordinates 37.6217, 15.0458
    GQ GMC 300 counter with SBM-20 tube, indoor station
    447 CPM on 2020-08-05 08:00:44"

    That pile of fertilizer made a big deep hole. That cloud was one heck of a firecracker. Israel is just real lucky that its neighbors are so accident prone. Horse


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