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Monday, August 31, 2020

Spain: Doctor Bitch Slaps The Lying Media In & Minutes Of Back and Forth, Amazing His "Feed" Wasn't Cut

stock here: wow in Spain the Media appears totally brainwashed, but somehow let a real doctor onto their show.

Now they try to convince him of the "mainstream narrative" and he is buying none of it. At 5:20 a male at the studio interrupts, saying "we are losing control of the conversation".

The doctor was saying that in Spring when we actually needed help and were putting patients in hotels, media was not supporting what we needed, not talking about the real problems. The male commentator comes back with a straw man "are you saying we are all idiots?"

Doctor says I am not saying anyone is an idiot, I am saying now when hospitals are well under control the 'cases' is all you hear about 24/7. People are being put in the hospital based on PCR tests in the car. How many are actually sick?


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