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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Summary of the HIPAA Privacy Rule -- Connecticut EO Purports to Require A Written Doctor's Note That You Are Exempt

They really want to muzzle people!

Methinks They are Breaking Federal Code under Color Of Law.


Summary of the HIPAA Privacy Rule

State Law

Preemption. In general, State laws that are contrary to the Privacy Rule are preempted by the federal requirements, which means that the federal requirements will apply.85

“Contrary” means that it would be impossible for a covered entity to comply with both the State and federal requirements, or that the provision of State law is an obstacle to accomplishing the full purposes and objectives of the Administrative Simplification provisions of HIPAA.86

The Privacy  Rule provides exceptions to the general rule of federal preemption for contrary State laws that (1) relate to the privacy of individually identifiable health information and provide greater privacy protections or privacy rights with respect to such information, (2) provide for the reporting of disease or injury, child abuse, birth, or death, or for public health surveillance, investigation, or intervention, or (3) require certain health plan reporting, such as for management or financial audits.

Exception Determination. In addition, preemption of a contrary State law will not occur if HHS determines, in response to a request from a State or other entity or person, that the State law:
  • Is necessary to prevent fraud and abuse related to the provision of or payment for health care,
  • Is necessary to ensure appropriate State regulation of insurance and health plans to the extent expressly authorized by statute or regulation,
  • Is necessary for State reporting on health care delivery or costs,
  • Is necessary for purposes of serving a compelling public health, safety, or welfare need, and, if a Privacy Rule provision is at issue, if the Secretary determines that the intrusion into privacy is warranted when balanced against the need to be served; or
  • Has as its principal purpose the regulation of the manufacture, registration, distribution, dispensing, or other control of any controlled substances (as defined in 21 U.S.C. 802), or that is deemed a controlled substance by State law.
comment seen at VOAT

To really think and be free, just use the law on YOUR side!

Get an "internet" doctors note for under 80 dollars!

Remember, a Doctor's note does not have to mention the medical issue creating your exemption from an activity. It is not revealing your medical info.

Use the cheap doctors that diagnose need of "Therapy animals", a huge internet business pet owners exploit.

Get a doctors note you carry to sue with if ever needed, and to allow sicking US Government on anyone that denies you service or any Police departments that detain you!

Yes, you especially can sue police too (the entire point of the note), via "Civil Rights" lawsuit under the "ADA"


Use it in civil court later. Provide it to Fed gov if desired for HIPAA enforcement and ADA enforcement.

The point of a lawsuit threat, is to spread freedom. They are only 50 to 80 dollars to get from willing Internet Doctors.

No one need be sued if they let people be and not force them to wear masks.

The most patriotic thing a patriot can do is promote patriotism and freedom from leftist states oppression and control via mask "emergency orders"


If hoping to sue multiple businesses and police departments using "Civil Rights Lawsuits", where you and lawyers get the winning awards... you need a Doctor's note (LHCP licensed healthcare professional), and the LHCP if attacked by defense in a suit, may have to submit to another doctor a COPY OF YOUR VIDEO CHAT INTERVIEW used for the diagnosis and letter. Your saved video recorded words will be used between court "experts".

This means you need to re-word and rework this section and not read it literally verbatim, or as a bad actor :
“Whenever I try to wear a face mask, I think I get a PANIC ATTACK, and I can barely finish getting groceries, and I go home feeling horrible for not being able to shop at all for food. I can’t get anyone else to do the shopping for me. I shake, feel disorientated, get nausea and am afraid I might vomit in the mask, my heart races or feels weird, I feel I can’t breathe, my mouth is dry, then when I get back to the car I am sweaty and feel dizzy! I don’t even bother trying to go back inside the store, I just feel horrible, and eventually drive back home. I feel better about 5 minutes after taking off the mask. I hate that mask. I cant wear it. Its not fair. I need a doctors note or something!”
Rewrite that.
Reword it, or else you will not win your many lucrative ~ $120,000 civil rights lawsuits, even if the store pays the US feds via ADA a fine to the federal gov, you yourself lose out on suing under civil rights violations, if you do not rework those words. It is flawlessly crafted, but multiple people cannot be caught reciting it verbatim, just add lots of padding sentences and anecdotes between each and every symptom.

If not litigating, and you just want a doctors note, no big deal.

there is NO CAP on a civil rights lawsuit, and NO PERCENTAGE CAP on lawyers fee percent (it can even legally be 100%), the SCOTUS purpose is to allow free and easy lawsuits against Police Departments.

Over 90% of Police eventually agree to a Settlement , a juicy one, when you start a legitimate civil rights lawsuit.

Smaller corporations quickly settle as well.

Either way, you win money , especially if video documented with audio of you claiming you have the doctors note upon you as you get evicted from a store. ham it up. "Why are you belittling me!" "This is unfair" "I am hungry" "I have a note!" "You are breaking the law!" ... and the GOLDEN WORDS .... "I HAVE A DISABILITY!"

Once again it does not need to be by a state licensed Physician. The note under ADA can be from a cheaper LHCP licensed healthcare professional. Licensed health care professionals include physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, and licensed counselors.

If you are a good actor... you can make MILLIONS suing multiple grocery stores!

In San Francisco , a single person in a Wheelchair sued countless bars out of business for having improper toilet door dimensions, and then went from town to town and even then Nevada. MILLIONS , and did so by having a lawyer partner with him, and having the cripple in wheelchair buy one drink , then start to complain loudly about toilet facilities. That cripple and his jew lawyer forced large, famous massive restaurants to close in san francisco that had a second floor for patrons, like "Max's Opera Cafe [ORIGINAL not the new stores]". In california it is illegal to REMIND cripples that some able people can climb stairs to a special extra floor.

You do not have to sue, but the real actual true threat of being able to sue, will keep these leftists idiots in line. Money talks.

Use the law on YOUR side, Get a cheap Doctor's Note!

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