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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Sunspots, Clouds, and Vulcanism, All Interlinked. Hypothesis by Nukepro.

The Chaos is Well Controlled
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Finally I had to do it, write up the way things really work.

It took a debunk of a junk solar article that had some High flouting antics similar to Michelle Obama's "thesis" of fake scientificness.

What is really upsetting is that the "study" tried to use TSI Total Solar Irradiance as the modulating factor of Earth temps.

In reality, it is the magnetism of the sun (sun spots make a good proxy) that effects galactic cosmic rays, which then nucleate clouds (via ionized particles in the atmosphere) and cool the planet.     The GCRs also "nucleate" some magmatic chambers via adding energy to absorbed gasses causing increased vulcanism, Moana Loa (et al) being near and dear to my heart and location and a prime example in the 2018.    We also see the shared magma chamber at 41.8km depth being hit today with an earthquake, priming the pump so to speak.    Using a data set of a few thousand years of volcanic observations, I have charted a clear pattern of 22 year cycles increase in vulcanism (2 solar cycles, or really 1 solar system since at each 11 years the suns north and south pole flip, so it takes 2 cycles to complete a "full cycle" back to original configuration.

So what no one has grokked until I did in 2018 was that you get both at the same time....increased clouds AND increased vulcanism, both obvious cooling events.

Being a heliophysics guy, and working in the solar industry in the USA of which solar tax credits are expiring somewhat in 2020, and gone completely in 2022, I'll be a bit too busy this year to publish this in a scientifically proper fashion, until well in 2021.

But I wanted you all to be aware of this for now.    The warmistas are going to be sorely lacking the larger greenhouses that they should have invested in.
factor of Earth temps.

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An interesting website, only did a quick review.

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