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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Trumps First Big Corona Address, Hanx Gets Covid, Gates Resigns from Microsoft.....Coincidence????

Blast from the past, review your history


Within minutes of Trump’s Oval Office address the other night, Hanx announces he has COVID & is “self-isolating” Down Under…

Trump’s press conference today & what happens minutes later?: Gates heads for the hills….
There are entire universes going on behind the scenes with all this, and all those ‘Q’ drops are looking more on target with every move these sickos make.

“It’s going to be biblical” is getting to be a cliche for a good reason. Those claiming that this is all just a cover for high-profile takedowns might just be on to something…..whatever the case, something sure has the “elites” jittery. I’ve heard everything from COVID selective targeting to compromised adrenochrome shipments. (& speaking of COVID, isn’t it strange how it doesn’t seem to affect children…?) Seems rather fortuitous.

Sorry to hear of your somewhat compromised comms — am currently working thru some of those on my end also. (Hopefully just windows 10 jamups related, but I fear other bots are at work also.) Ultimately they would love nothing more than for none of us to be able to have these back-&-forths.

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