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Saturday, August 22, 2020

UK Officials Exposed For Inflating COVID Hospital Numbers At Height Of "Pandemic"

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We know that ALL of the numbers have been inflated as much as humanly (and machinely) possible. 

Its behind a paywall at the source, so let's get what we can for free at Controlled Opposition Zero Hedge

New evidence has emerged which shows that UK hospital admissions for COVID-19 were ‘over-reported’ during the height of the crisis back in April. It seems that patients who were being taken in for other common illnesses were in fact being counted as ‘COVID’ in the government’s statistical totals.
This latest embarrassing admission comes on the heels of other similar revelations of dubious record-keeping by the government – all of which have been pivotal in giving the false impression to the public that there were more COVID deaths than actually took place. Back in July, UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock was forced to admit how data from Public Health England regarding coronavirus fatalities were being fraudulently recorded – effectively ‘double counting’ their deaths, forcing the government officials to revise their totals downwards to reflect more realist numbers.

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