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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

VCU Virginia Commonwealth University (Bad Actor State) Tries To Inflate COVID Deaths, Avoiding the Elephant In The Room: Horrific Governmental Actions

They use some high falouting <sic> statistical methods…..but fail to mention the 60,000 seniors murdered in nursing homes, quite intentionally methinks, and they mention disruptions in society, but completely ignore the idea that these were primarily caused by the insane but totally intentional over zealous government lockdowns.

One Doctor had this comment

First Do No Harm
Ben Park, MD | Physician 
Data are and have been available on the health consequences of unemployment, loss of a small business, delay in life saving procedures, failure to vaccinate our population, and the failure to educate our children. During the COVID pandemic we have experienced all of these. Dr. Scott Atlas and his business professor co-authors suggest that we have already lost twice as many years of life from our policy as we have from COVID (1). As COVID mortality slows the adverse impact from the lockdown continues unabated.

In another article addressing only mortality from job loss (2), authors used administrative data
on the quarterly employment and earnings of Pennsylvanian workers in the 1970s and 1980s matched to Social Security Administration death records covering 1980–2006 to estimate the effects of job displacement on mortality. This article forecasts much greater loss of lives from the current policy than Dr. Atlas's paper.

When we believed the mortality rate to be 3.4% closing the borders and shutting down the economy was clearly the right approach. When we got data and then failed to adjust our approach we failed our patients. 
We do not hesitate to change clinical practice when research shows our current approach is wrong. We must also follow this principle with regard to COVID.



2. The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2009, vol. 124, issue 3, 1265-1306

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