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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Video Showing Missile Flying Into Beirut Harbor

stock here, what do you think?? On instagram "Experts" say this is partly fake because "Its a Bird"



Beirut International Airport since August 4 reveals the level of support that has arrived.

Saudi Arabia sends aid to Lebanon in the aftermath of Beirut blast (photo credit: SAUDI PRESS AGENCY/HANDOUT VIA REUTERS)
Saudi Arabia sends aid to Lebanon in the aftermath of Beirut blast
Four days after Beirut suffered a terrible disaster, the world continues to respond with rapid support for the beleaguered country. Lebanon needs the support because the country is billions in debt and its government has proved dysfunctional in the face of other recent emergencies. Support has poured in from across the Middle East and Europe with many countries sending military aircraft with supplies and search and rescue teams. An analysis of the flights that landed at Beirut International Airport since August 4 reveals the level of support that has arrived. An attempt has been made to make a complete list of the flights or planned flights that have been announced  by various governments. Overall, by August 8 around fifty flights had arrived carrying hundreds of tons of aid.
Who has provided what. Iran sent at least two, perhaps three, flights to Lebanon in the wake of the disaster. It was not entirely clear what was on one of them but the Qeshm Fars Air, which is a US sanctioned airline, brought pallets with aid according to Iranian media. Russia sent three plans and more than 100 specialists. By Saturday Russia said it had helped 92 people and found two casualties in the rubble. France sent not only President Emmanuel Macron but also two or three government-supported flights and one flight from a company. The UK Royal Air Force, flying from Cyprus, came with a C-130 full of equipment and search and rescue experts. Qatar sent three C-17 aircraft on August 5 while Turkey said it would send support. The Netherlands was also quick to send two airplanes, one of which was  Boeing 737 of Corendon airlines. Greece sent a C-130 while Czech Republic said it would send aid, the Kingdom of Jordan sent a field hospital and Poland sent a plan with firefighters.  Saudi Arabia initially supported teams on the ground before sending several aircraft. Kuwait sent an A-320 and Germany sent a team with dogs and 50 personnel to aid in search and resce. Portugal also pledged support.  August 6 brought more flights with at least one Royal Moroccan Air Force 767 landing, a Swiss business jet, a Kuwait C-17, more Tunisian aid and a flight from NATO. German and Italian C-130s also landed as well as an Egyptian C-130 loaded with aid that came at night. The next day brought another German and French flight and an Algerian IL-76. US Central Command C-17 Globemaster flights also began to arrive with aid, the first of several. A Pakistan and Omani C-130 flew into Beirut and another 40 tons of aid from the United Arab Emirates arrived as well. Two Saudi cargo flights, a Boeing 777 and Airbus A-330 came. Another French flight arrived as well. Saturday has seen more activity in Beirut. Another UAE IL-76 flew in along with a Moroccan Air Force C-130 and another Qatari aid plane. Kazakhstan also sent a flight, and Kuwaiti flights with C-17s full of aid arrived. Armenia pledged to send two flights with 12 tons of aid and a third Saudi flight, a Boeing 777, landed. Overall it is difficult to estimate the amount of specialists and tons of aid sent but it appears to be in the hundreds of tons and hundreds of personnel from across Europe and the Middle East. European countries have been especially generous in terms of technical support while Middle Eastern states have rallied their military C-130s and IL-76 aircraft, along with C-17 Globemasters, to provide aid. It is less clear what countries further away are doing but it is expected that many will send token aid.  Providing aid to Beirut is also a way for countries to earn prestige and influence. For instance it is clear Russia, Turkey, Qatar, Iran, the UAE and Saudi Arabia want to show their abilities and also show support for their supporters in Lebanon. Some countries also want to support religious minorities in Lebanon, such as Armenia’s connection to the Armenian community. Lebanon has often been at the crossroads of history between competition in the Middle East and between European cultural inroads and Islam in the region. For instance Iran plays a key role supporting Hezbollah while France has a long connection to Christians in Lebanon. Turkey wants to grow its influence in Lebanon to displace Saudi Arabia. Aid is a way to not only show support but also try to craft the narrative and future of what comes next. For instance Russia’s rapid deployment of aid was meant to show it is replacing the US as the country in the region that can provide support and expertise.  


  1. The missile, here's another one showing missile at 8sec and (different view) 29 sec on this one
    Had to put the video on slowest speed and click back and forth near the 8sec and 29sec times.


    Infrared video of missile strike?
    There is a supposed "infrared video" of a missile strike on the port of Beirut. I did not miss this, I saw that within 10 minutes of it being posted, looked at it closely, and determined it was not an infrared video at all, it was instead a photo negative video that had been de-saturated. Could I be wrong? Well, it would have to be very coincidental to have an infrared video match the characteristics of a photo negative video. Everything was a simple invert of the existing contrast values. Technically that could happen in infrared but the chances are beyond slim. And therefore, I did not believe the video was legit. AND, One key item with this: If the missile did not show up clearly in full color video, infrared would provide ZERO advantage, it is implausible that it would be crystal clear in infrared and not show up at all in the color videos, the only color video that had anything in fact had a bird, (the one with the blue circle drawn on it).

    SO, my final answer:
    We got the damn nuclear fireball PLAIN AS DAY. We have other events in Syria, known to be Israel, that look the same, photographed, PLAIN AS DAY. It therefore is not wise to say any video shows a missile, because that leaves a way for the story to be pried apart. Why does it have to be a missile when it could have been a nuclear torpedo, or driven in on a truck, or planted a week before the blast, or whatever? The important thing is it was an easily provable nuke just from the fireball and blast characteristics and beyond that, nothing matters. We know Israel did that. The already proved this with less witnessed blasts in Syria. Their new toy simply has that look when it goes off.

    ACD: Others have pointed out that "photoshopping" has gone beyond the sleuthing abilities of most if not all of us. No reason to believe in ANY of the images!! Some question the reality of nuclear "bombs" per se. One source (military intel serving CLAN-Destiny services, dontcha know?!) will support "micro-nukes", backing up a certain theory of HOW WTC 1 and 2 towers got dustified. Or was that "directed energy weapons" (Judith Woods and acolytes), an idea also floated for this event of mass destruction.

    It is NOT the HOW, it's the WHO with which you ought to concern yourselves. The evident destruction here and many other places elsewhere -- with an increasingly likely common denominator WHO'S WHO AT THE ZOO -- do not depend on the HOW. Do not get caught up in a replay of 9-11 disinfo|misinfo|lie obfuscation.

  3. Was it a bird, a plane, a missile...
    Pictures to compare and some rad readings linked at caferadlab.


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