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Thursday, August 13, 2020

We should be thinking about what would be the fastest, most "practical", way to wake up the normies prior to the election, and how can it be "successfully" communicated to them?

I think you have to trick the normies into looking at information. As soon as they detect that
something is going against their belief system, they will shut down their mind, rail against it, look for a Snopes debunk. It has to start out like that Stunt Actor video, which we should circulate again!


"practical" = actionable

"successfully" = believed just enough to influence vote for Trump and unseating the slime.

Fire away......

Arrests? really?

Voting records?

Reveal Income sources and net worth going into office and now? Those on the take?

Disclose all those currently being blackmailed and how? Pictures?

Identify likely pedophiles? Pictures?

Open up the Weiner laptop?

Identify who the elected Jews are?

Highlight all those who have dual citizenship?

Maybe these don't require proof in every case as long as it is an open secret and can be believed.


  1. Shut down their businesses.
  2. Make them wear masks.
  3. Turn loose Leftist rioters in the streets.
[–] 25158019? [S] ago 
How do we effectively hang this purely on the dems, especial biden/cameltoe.
[–] 25158060? ago 
Q: Where are almost all of the (1) business closures (2) mask tyranny (3) leftist mobs protected by local city officials?
A: Dem shithole cities.
[–] 25158156? [S] ago  (edited ago)
Great positioning....I like it.
So we highlight to all others; "Do you want this for your city/town?
Because it's not a matter of if it could happen,
but with the extremist dems' lack of leadership,
it's much more a matter of when."
[–] 25158273? ago 
Dems in such shithole cities are seeing it, feeling it, smelling it, so that they are beginning to figure it out on their own.

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  1. We have elders among us who foresaw this day. For example, I met Gary Arnold decades after he ran for office, exposing the Leon Panetta machine in California. To this day, most do not understand the reference to "Red" Ronnie. Gary has continued working in the trenches, a true freedom fighter. See his post on "the virus".
    Source of same:
    USE DISCERNMENT! Not all is as it seems -- some posts seem copacetic on MintPressNews, others not!

    My point, here & now: It's not just "shithole big cities run by demonrats". It can happen here, right here in River City, folks. It's happening here in a very rural, relatively unpopulated county in Kalifornication, and the outcome is not a slam dunk. Time to dust off the duff flattened by sitting too long and get cracking, crackers! You want self-governance, nothing less, nothing more.


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