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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Attack on 2A: Kenosha Attempted Prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse Is Criminal

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Excellent presentation of the video evidence.   It misses a few things.    The "plastic bag" carried by the 36YO child rapist who was killed in the attack and response likely an incenseray device or something else nasty, which was tossed at Kyle and which the cro-magnum man Napoleon small guy threw.  

But without addressing an important point about Kyle's possesion of a rifle, it leaves the "argument" but the lefties too easy.   They say "what kind of a mom would drive their son to a protest with a rifle", and they say he transported an illegal rifle across state lines.    Total bullshit.    Kyles job was as a lifeguard in Kenosha, Mom drove him to work.   He was to stay with a friend in Kenosha, and they went on a mission to protect businesses in Kenosha and provide medical support to anyone injured.   At this time, his friend is not mentioned specifically, and he and his family, if under 18 would likely become embroiled in all this for "aiding and abetting" which is total bullshit too.

My detailed read of the Wisconsin state law, indicates that even at 17 he was 100% legal in carrying that rifle.    You need juice, read it here:

Regardless of whether he was 100% OK with open carry of that rifle, if it that well studied determination is wrong, he was still totally justified in his self defense.   His 3 injured attackers were all real pieces of work, he had more attackers too. Not to throw that as an adhominem, but past history of assault and sexual abused and assault and gun crimes does indicate the nature of the attackers, and that does not justify that some died, it indicates their predisposition to be slimy people. 

Kyle Rittenhouse's lawyer's, released an extensive news release, and they would not have done that outside of discovery unless the facts were very clear.    Here it is.   The left and libs want your guns and rifles and shotguns, and they want you to be brought on charges for defending yourself.   Like the St Louis couple.




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