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Friday, September 25, 2020

Biden's Are All Set Up For Massive Control and Blackmail Via Biden Foundation and Hunter Biden Crack and Whore Debacle

Why wasn't this top of the news years back?

------------------------------------------------------- Because it would hinder the hit job on Trump.

 And this article is a wealth of information on the multiple Biden Debacles.


Comment on Fox 


We already know Hunter likes prostitutes (and I doubt he was very careful about making sure they were of legal age), spending money, AND was involved with lots of SHADY characters and corrupt businesses.

What REALLY concerns me is the MASSIVE amounts of blackmail that China, Russia, Ukraine, and many other countries are holding against the Biden family. All these countries have financial statements, paperwork, recordings, and other evidence of scandalous behavior that they would LOVE to release to the American media...unless Biden gives them what they want (in trade deals, immigration, diplomacy, energy dependence, tariff easements, etc.) And the entire Democrat party will go right back to "paying off" other countries by sacrificing American industries, destroying our competitiveness, giving away our jobs, and agreeing to ridiculously unfair trade agreements--as they've done in the past.

If Biden wins, there are lot of bad people out there who have all the leverage they need to get anything they want.

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