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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Calling Out One Enemy: Investment Watch and Business Insider: Proven Tools Of The Cabal

stock here. We need to kick ass and take names in real time while things are so clear.

Later, after the fog of war clears, we won't be too sure.

But we will need to circle the wagons and route out these bad actors.

stock adding one more example of left wing nonsense


Covid-19 Is NOT A HOAX: 223,000+ EXCESS DEATHS In America This Year

They ask the below, and then throw up some straw men to knock down.   It's the lockdown themselves shitheads!   Plus the 60,000 murdered in nursing homes!

So then, what killed them if not the Wuhan coronavirus?

They go one with further non-sensical anlaogy of dying with a co-morbidity, and dying by a bomb blast in a mall.   WTF, how would a brain functioning person even consider this to be an acceptable analogy?

This is interesting, but I almost must say, one of there selected "authors" to debunk was Alex Jones and he is clearly on the shit list, not even sure what to call him.   A "Make crazy looking" controlled asset?   Is there a proper word for this?


Indy media has a responsibility to get the story right

The indy media performs a very important function in our society by countering the coordinated corporate propaganda of the globalist-run left-wing media, but that’s exactly why the independent media has a responsibility to get these stories right.

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