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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Chaos Via Vote Harvesting, and the Old Aristocracy Attempting A "Color Revolution" In America

 stock here, per Lot's Wife, looking out over the devastation.....methinks it is not a good sign that the
"Clown Show" continues, with news people reporting from their basement, same with the Marxists at TMV et al.    

And the total bullshit about "cases" and re-shutting down schools because of "cases" with ZERO discussion about any sickness.

And zero discussion about Herd Immunity being the only way out


Skip forward to 35:14 for a discussion of vote harvesting legislation that will set the stage for a contested 2020 election. The segment moves to an interview with Darren Beattie, a former Trump speech writer and now a reporter for Revolver News, who blows the whistle on the Obama/Bush/Clinton cartel. He explains that contested elections are hallmark tactics in ‘color revolutions’. He correctly identifies people who ran color revolutions in eastern Europe as those now staging one in America.


Will a majority of Americans WTFU before the promise of perfection kills the good? Or will they behave as ordered - good Germans - fearful, unengaged, ignorant slaves?


And here is the bitchute when it become available

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