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Saturday, September 26, 2020

COVID aka SAR-2 Media and "Science" Coverage a Total BS Lie, It's All About Getting Rid of Trump

 Sent in by reader ACD

26 September 2020  Passed on by Irish Savant




"Couldn't have said it better myself Johnny"


I read this comment from a Johnny Kay - on Denver CBS Local no less - which brilliantly summarises and contextualises the whole Covid-19 fraud.  Over to you Johnny!

The starting point for knowing the truth about anything is to believe the opposite of what the government and the corporate media tell us. The coronavirus “pandemic” is a fraud — an invisible, all-purpose enemy to which the government can attribute any dangers it wants to frighten and control us.

The international corporate elite that runs things behind the scenes has taken an illness no more dangerous than the common flu (and probably far less so) and turned it into an excuse for an enormous expansion of government power and an enormous redistribution of resources — literally, trillions of dollars — from the citizens to the corporate elite.

The international corporate elite has used every organization under its control — which is to say, every organization of consequence — to promote this false narrative.

According to numerous studies and the government’s own data, at least 98% of those who have the coronavirus are asymptomatic — they have no symptoms. They are not sick.

The vast majority of the rest have minor symptoms. Only a very small percentage of the remaining group — almost all of whom have pre-existing co-morbidity factors such as asthma, cancer, COPD, diabetes, or morbid obesity — have severe symptoms. Only a very small percentage of that group actually die.

In terms of its real effect, COVID-19 is like a mild flu — a very mild flu.

There is no legitimacy to any of it. The masks, the “social distancing”, the “social bubbles”, the “self-isolation”, the “self-quarantining”, the “contact tracing”, the “flattening the curve”, the “alone together”, the shutdowns, the lockdowns, the push for vaccination, the push for testing, the bans on assemblies and large groups, the restrictions on churches and prayer groups — none of that is to keep us safe, but all of it is to condition us to accept more government control, more arbitrary regimentation, more transfers of taxpayer money to the corporate elite, and mandatory vaccination.

We have been lied to every step of the way. News reports of overworked doctors, overflowing morgues, crowded hospitals, crowded ICUs, emergency rooms inundated with thousands of COVID-19 patients, racing ambulances full of COVID-19 patients, mass graves, and refrigerated trucks full of bodies are contradicted by numerous videos of empty hospitals, empty waiting rooms, empty “testing centers”, and parked ambulances in the alleged “epicenters” of the pandemic.

The coronavirus charade is no different from previous virus panics — SARS, MERS, Swine Flu, Zika — only now the people at the top think we are divided enough, stupid enough, and weak enough to submit to a massive acceleration of the ongoing transfer of power and wealth from us to them. Sadly, it appears that they are correct.

Too many of us still believe — despite overwhelming historical and contemporary evidence to the contrary — that the government and the corporate media do not lie, especially about the big things. In reality, the government and the corporate media lie about everything — especially about the big things.


  1. Tell this to the 200,000 DEAD Americans and their wives, husbands, children and family. This is a troll story with lies that bind the verbs together, flying around the www just waiting to be regurgitated. This dribble is not verified by the links provided herein and appears to be a work of the far right deep state hack.

    1. Uh, didn't you get that CDC said it was just 6% of that amount?

      The deaths are inflated at every opportunity. What does that tell you? There is a strategy behind that. And what would that strategy be?

      To scare the shite out of people, well partially.

      Even though a world wide event, its run by the super rich to get rid of Trump.

    2. Got a link to the CDC 6%?
      Uh didn't you check your sources before stating that there is only 12,000 deaths, (6%), so far or maybe that doesn't matter?

      Maybe the current data from the CDC site can help you out;

      CDC says 204,598 citizens have died to date, not 12,000.

      I found these words on a web site and found them to be poetic, placing the following words at the top of their header it reads "Exposing Truth". This shows, to the reader how much truth matters to the web site owner and that truth should see the light of day, or not so much.
      These are your words Stock

    3. Old news, from August, here is the juice on the 6%

      And I did an update using Atlantic data (highly leftist,, therefore the real data is not worse, the real data is better than what is shown)

      Deaths, hospitalizations, Ventilators, all strongly down. Thank you very much.

      Oh, and if you accept the overall figures like 200K, it still tracks down to less than 2000 COVID deaths for working age and school age humans.

      and also please review these bad actor governors that murdered 60,000 people all in democratic states.


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