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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Earthquake Alert! Space Weather is Kicking In, Solar Activity, Solar Wind, Kp Hit 6 Days Back.

Update!   Oh my!  Looky what happened.     Been a while since a 7 plus though.


stock here: must make this quick.   

I follow space weather everyday during my morning stretch, and more.    Solar cycle 25 is kicking off.     The coronal holes have become larger and moved off the North pole of our Local Yellow Dwarf, heading towards the equator where they are move Geo Effective (more likely to have earth effects).    

Also we have had a dearth of large quakes 6 and up.   And even in the 2.5 and up range, the numbers have lagged the average of 40 in the low and mid 30's, a real tell that some action is about to happen.

 I do not see too much activity in Hawaii.  I did note what I call a Havi Hit, which is a small town on the north end of the Big Island, opposite the active volcanoes.    Havi Hits often proceed more exciting magma activity.   

But I think more likely than anything significant in Hawaii, we see some 6 or 7 Mag on the more classic spots like Indonesia to Tonga, and especially places with low pressure systems, typhoons.    

And more of the quanitities of the 2.5 and such, spread about.    Maybe some Yellowstone activity, and I don't mean "the big one" Yellowstone has hundreds of named features.     

 Missfrill covers Yellowstone closely and well, so I don't spend my attention there because she does great coverage.     

Yellowstone’s Giantess Geyser Roars


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