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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Google Trends Show Trump With Comfortable Lead Over Biden -- But Still Data Effery

About 2 weeks back I was alerted to some basic information on Google Trends.   Apparently, the wizards have been so busy censoring, they didn't bother to check their own data synopsis.  

Which showed that if you type in Joe Biden <Wisconsin> and Donald Trump <Wisconsin>....fill in any state you wanted....that Trump had about an 80/20 interest level compared to Biden, minimal, some was more like 90/10.

Only 3 states had Biden listed above 20% search interest, one was Delaware, and 2 others were some Bad Actor small norhteast states.   I can't recall. 

Unfortunately, I did not screen capture this.   If anyone has juice on this, send it over.  

Google is acting as a censor, not as a platform.    And it will be shown that this attempt to corrupt the will of the American people is traitorous, and at the very least, a breakup under existing anti-trust laws is required. 

So today's search.   Note the initial search RE Wisconsin, shows Biden and Trump neck and neck.   But the 5 state summary of Wisconsin shows Trump with a huge lead.    So data effery in full play.

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