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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Here is a Debunk of the False Lefty Debunks that Were Made RE the Debate.

Here is a debunk of the false lefty debunks that were made RE the Debate.

And here is a history of the misinformation on Masks



    Mr. BlueEyes appeared as Mr. BrownEyes.
    Among others, Jim Stone picked up on this:

    So did one William Mount, ostensibly with 170K subscribers on YouTube.
    Mr. Mount also noted differences in "ear lobes", tie tying, and facial features.

    Mr. Mount called "body double", though he did not appear to mention in passing Hillary Clinton's "look alikes" in her failed run for POTUS 2016.

    Mr. Mount did not cite Miles Mathis' work, nor appear to have awareness of his work. Quite correctly, I think, he called out Robert David Steele, the former spy with a cherubic face, for not bringing this to our attention. To the credit of RDS, he did link to the Mr. Mount's YouTube expose.

    I have written to portrait artist and all-around intelligent man Miles Mathis for his opinion. I hope he assays an essay on this matter, sooner than later.

    1. Yes I noticed the eyes, and earlier flesh colored ear piece, the wire under jacket and at wrist.

      His often downlooking postures......must be an important reason for that, its horrific body language.

      I hope Mandy the body language ghost chimes in

    2. She did

  2. My wife informed me this morning that the BIG NEWS was that Donald Trump and Melania had tested positive for the coronavirus. Grumpily ungracious -- it was 6 am and I work exclusively on getting everyone to vote for NOBODY for POTUS 2020 (and all other orifices) -- I replied, "That's not news, that's [BS]."

    Upon a delayed, caffeinated awakening, however, this thought came to me: After testing positive, Trump will self-isolate and the next debate will occur virtually. This will give time for the computer genius that constructed Biden's acceptance address to have a "virtual copy" of Biden participate. I think Trump and his Puppet Master(s) complicit.

    Tangentially, I feel moved to quote "No man can serve two masters." True -- yet one man might well get saddled by two masters. I would think it tough living with just one Puppet Master. Being the puppet with a lead role, Trump may have several or more. Like having a wife and a mistress contemporaneously...

    The Power$ That Be (TP$TB) may not have a lot of plays in their book, but the ones they run do seem to work OK for the majority of the audience they wish to reach and influence.

  3. LOL the post office box thing was a fabrication, and maybe Trumps COVID is made up, but he did look a bit off during the debate. Some think that he wants to stay away from all showings to mitigate chances of assassination. Also, some think that arrests of some prior very high level people in US intelligence (who conspired against the USA) may occur during this 2 weeks, and there will be “outrage” justifying an assassination attempt.


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