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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been Dead For Quite Some Time -- Trump Called Them Out 10 Days Ago With Supreme Court Picks


stock here: I have been aware for over a year that the "Notorious RBG" may have been dead for quite some time.    TMZ doing some shenainghans in reusing old video footage and pretending it is current is a smoking gun.    TMZ is a bullhorn of the Cabal.   

Was the real death of Ginsberg about 11 months ago....were the Democrats trying to "out" any candidates who were not true "liberals" sometimes called progressive for deception.    Is October 15th, 2019 the date of Ginsburg's death.

 One in particular stands out.  Tulsi Gabbard, with strong conservative views, which she morphed into

Trump bashing necessity to get presidential support.     Gabbard is from Hawaii, Hawaii is democratic forever, to a fault,  which with 14% of it's population, and mostly ploynesian, samoan,in public housing and on other doles, of course they would be Democrats.    Tulsi is a "fake Democrat".

She didn't drop out of the race until 3-19-20, a week after the 3-11-20 day when 10 Bad Actor states all started reporting COVID deaths, then on 3-13-20, Gates resigns from Microsoft to focus on "priorities", and a host of other bad actor plays to get COVID kicked into high gear.  

LOL the drop out speech, "Joe has a good heart".

Trump has also been aware that Ginsberg was dead.    And he called them out, but 10 days ago, releasing his list of possible supreme court justices.   Put them on the spot.   Either admit she is dead, or be exposed.

Just curious too how her husband, Martin Ginsburg is so similarly names to Martin Gugino, the infamous "tall Kramer falling guy" with blood out the ear and fired cops that were reinstated, and no civil suit filed even though he was reported as having a cracked skull, and amazingly released from the hospital in less than 4 days.    

See what you think, the matrix runs deep.   There is also what I feel is compelling evidence that Stephen Hawking died decades back and they replaced him with a blond imposter.   It's weird, but decades back the Cabal decided that it needed to control science and education, and having control of the "smartest man on earth" was part of it.

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We have so many rabbit holes, we need more rabbits.    On that note, Wisconsin's mammal is the Badger and I had one move in to the homestead.    They are shy but ferocious is trapped.    Badger likes to eat the pears that fall from the tree at night.

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