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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Let me count the ways we have been lied to and hoaxed about the COVID-19 virus. Here's 10 lies that we have been told by WHO, CDC, Fauci and Gates. These people are sick!!

  1. WHO declares COVID-19 a pandemic
  2. WHO says the virus came from bats
  3. The virus could kill millions in the USA
  4. Fauci said the virus is not a serious threat
  5. A lockdown is necessary to stop the spread of the virus
  6. Masks are necessary to slow the spread of the virus
  7. Hospitals are over-crowded due to the virus
  8. Fauci said HCQ is not effective
  9. CDC sent test kits tainted with coruna-virus
  10. CDC finally admits that only 6% of deaths are due to COVID-19
The list goes on but you get the idea. The Deep State, CCP, WHO, CDC and the MSM created the virus, released it in Wuhan and then fanned the "pandemic" fire relentlessly to instill the fear necessary for people to accept an economic lockdown.

It was designed to destroy the economy ahead of the election and to say Trump mishandled the crisis. But Trump reacted quickly and decisively to limit the effect of the virus.

Over the last 5 months people have come to see for themselves that this whole COVID-19 "pandemic" was more hoax than serious health issue. The DS and the Dems put the world through this faux-crisis because they thought it would help them regain political power in the USA.

It has sadly back-fired and most rational, informed people see this hoax for what it is - a deep state plot to damage Trump and regain power. These people are not only stupid but very evil and very dangerous. The battle will continue because there is nothing they won't do to regain power.

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