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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Rochester NY, "Recycling Death" From March 30 2020, In Order to Burn Down Their City Now....

Naked guy way high on PCP, arrested in Rochester.     Died March 30th after 4 days in hospital.

Death noted as an overdose.    But they can't get "enough" cops now to kill black people, so they resort to "recycling" this death.  

Black mayor, Black police chief, Black Pastor (using Elders as a buffer to allow protests to continue on.

Double speak here too
“The crowd was initially peaceful before trying to defeat the barricades at around 10:20pm. Later in the evening a few members of the crowd threw bottles at the officers on the line. Officers maintained their positions during both events. At approximately 01:00 a.m. the remainder of the group dispersed and began to leave the area without further incident. The Rochester Police Department would like to thank our local and state law enforcement partners, along with community members and elders who helped keep the protest peaceful.”

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