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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

SARS-CoV-2 Decay Calculator -- Now You Know Why They Don't Want You On the Beach

stock here, take this with a grain of salt or Zinc

Once I realized this was SARS-2, I dug in deep to SARS-1 because one would expect SARS-2 (a close brother to SARS-1, not just a cousin or something) to act like SARS-1.

Bird Flu was found to die off quickly at like 52F, so heating up the chicken shed a bit was enough to get rid of it.

Not so SARS.   But my research showed that it died off quickly at 82F.   My research also showed that the virus does not like high humidity.    

This calculator shows that at 84F and 53% humidity, the virus takes 49 minutes to have 99% be de-activated (they don't die, because they were never alive).

And I think that is overly cautious!    I don't think it is nearly that long.

------------------------- Much of this calculator is derived on this article, which is very hard to read, and I do read these types of things.

It is simultaneously too loosy goosey and also overly scientific.

A main gripe with the calculator is the UV index, or in the study, simulated sunlight intensities which they amazingly define as

Tests were conducted in both suspension matrices across a range of relative humidity levels (20%, 45%, and 70%) and simulated sunlight intensities (darkness, midintensity, and high intensity).


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