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Friday, September 18, 2020

The George Soros Interview They Would Like to Censor


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    1. I play chess -- not as often as I would like -- and, based on that experience, I answer "Yes". One has to CONsider the game played, of course! Moreover, you have to answer, "Did I have a conscious, free choice to serve as other than a piece of "their system"?

      Having chosen your poison -- I meant to type, POSITION -- mayhaps you get to dress up as Bishop, or Knight, or Rook -- watch out for the rooks in "their system"!
      ROOK: 1. A Eurasian corvid (Corvus frugilegus) having black plumage with a patch of bare skin around the base of the bill, and nesting in colonies near the tops of trees. 2. A swindler or cheat, especially at games.
      3. To swindle; cheat: Customers are afraid of being rooked by unscrupulous vendors.
      OR, as you ask, simply a lowly pawn.

      I would call such a piece a "debt slave", or following the noble, Christian example of Henry Kissinger, a "useless eater". Margaret Sanger preferred dead babies all around, then they named a rock group after her legacy, "Planned Butcherhood". Or was that "Dead Kennedys"? My aging memory performs well, though makes stews of discrete dishes. Margaret Sanger no dish I'd date, back in the day, clear memory of that!

      P-K4. Your move!

    2. Never forget the infamous D5 shiny objects pimped out....


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