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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Mask, The Ultimate Orwellian Instrument of "Virtue Signaling", The Clown Show Continues, and ALL TV News Is Complicit

 OK, Tucker Carlson aside, maybe throw Hannity a bone too.....but all of the national news, all of the local news from across America that gets across my radar, and most especially, my local news....has completely ignored the most important issues.    Has 100% not questioned the main stream story lines.    

They are all complicit, all of them.    So look past 2020, do we now have a one party system and a media that needs to be shut down?   When thousands of players in the media unquestioningly accept the directives of their higher ups and have zero ability to critically analyze and hypothesize on the real nature of there any option but to completely remove them, and muzzle them forever?

 Look at this from "The Daily Caller", it is laughable beyond contempt..... 





Lot's Wife chimes in via email....

Overreach is injuring/killing more people than if no lockdown. The death rate is the same as the annual flu. The whole debacle reflects leadership gaps up and down the decision chain. How many of you have purchased professional liability insurance? When a cadre of FBI and CIA agents realized they were skating on thin ice (investigating the occupant of the White House), they were vectored to a specialist who offers protection against the consequences of misdeeds. Observers wonder if insurance premiums can be applied to attorney fees?

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