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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

They Are Now Working on MKUltraing the Police....Continuous Shouting At Them, Continunous Abuse and Fear of Loss Of Job

watched live stream at DC some protest, I guess BLM, bullhorms at feet from officers faces, over 30 minutes.   Maybe hours.   

It's abuse.   It's assault.    They should stop this but the Dem govs and Dem mayors allow it.

Its for a purpose and its not good.   I literally saw some of these fine men caving under the pressure.

The few woman attacked, seemed to know it was a directly personal attack and they shrugged it off, even laughed it off.

What say you?

Those assaulting the cops directly as the main part of the "show" should be arrested and booked and tried for assault.    


  1. Stock, your comment "service" -- GOOGLE-centric, I presume -- ate my last two attempts to add erudite comments to your ALWAYS excellent, thought-provoking posts. I have learned (and I recommend to others) ALWAYS to draft your comment(s) in a text processing program “off-line” (if anything anywhere is still “off-line”, for usually the more “out of line” you go and are, the more likely effective surveillance, but, as do ALL great posters of comments, I digress), so when GOOGLE (or The Power$ That Be) choose your well crafted, once-in-a-lifetime comment to send directly to the MEMORY HOLE, you’ll have a copy. Winston (2 + 2 = 5) Smith, eat your heart out!

    My comment: This is all theater. ATTENTION is the GOLD of the 21st Century. Antifa and BLM are paid demonstrators, vandals, cheap en masse acting corps. Perhaps a good proportion of the “police” are, too! If IDF-trained, then they sure exercise constraint not seen in Palestine!

    How about this for a CONs’ Piracy thought: The Demonrat politicians “in control” (under direction of TP$TB) and their bureaucratic minions have allowed, encouraged, and otherwise fostered Antifa’s and BLM’s wrecking havoc in THEIR [municipal corporate districts] jurisdictions, thus encouraging every person of color and especially those colorless (white) to vote for Donald Trump. THEN, come November, as when a whole bunch of masquerading LIEbastards bought tickets to a Donald Trump show, and failed to show up, so a plurality of mail-in bailouts – I meant to write ballots, but both work in this CON-Text – THEY will fill out the ballots for TRUMP, leading to the SHOCKING discovery of voting fraud, which then cancels out the TRUMP re(S)election, casting the US, Inc. into a stockholder fit of CON-Fusion and CONs’Tarnation.

    Thus will the END OF TIMES commence, much to the relief of Christian Zionists, The True BeLIEvers, and all others tired of living in GOD’s Creation. May GOD bless all souls, ALWAYS. We need a bit of help here, O GOD!

    1. Yep, can't believe I am still on this platform. when does one have 10 or 20 hours for a learning curve?

      Indeed, a little nudge from el Great Spirit would sure help


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