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Saturday, September 12, 2020

United States of Division -- How Cancel Culture Co-Opted the "Free Speaking" Liberals

….I would have missed Toms reply completely, as it was not in my inbox / filtered.   All very appropriate on 911, of  which I was oblivious to the truth until seeing the USGS intensive debris analysis.


I don’t think now that the real discussion is “political”.   People are being defined by “their politics”, which for most is incorrect, one’s beliefs, research, deep dive understanding, ability to see cause and effect and also understand history, are someone’s viewpoint and the accuracy thereof is then up to discussion.    There are those who want as many deep divides in our people as possible, classic divide and conquer.


So when one drops the level of discussion into someone’s politics, left  or right, lib or conservative, it plays into the hands of those who want us divided.   


Some think it is absurd, delusional, to think that there are forces being centrally controlled and paid to disrupt the USA.   Others think that this is beyond obvious, and cannot grasp how others cannot see this.    If you jump in with “your team” and follow centrally broadcast narratives, the results will be less than optimal.


Cancel culture (a distinctly non-liberal act, somehow now deeply embedded into liberal narratives) now makes it so that many people are even afraid to express their opinions, well researched opinions.   They might “offend” or be cancelled, or doxed with Antifa showing up to fix your racist arse.


That said, please enjoy this little snippet from one of the BLM founders…….”we are trained Marxists”.    Nothing weird about that right?  Jump to 0:45 if your attention span rivals a goldfish.


One could make the argument that a blood brother has made…..since we are so socialist already (you know bridges and roads and parks), why not add more socialism? And if you put the word “Democratic” in front of the S word, the utopian result will be unlike every other instance of socialist/communism/Marxism in the past……


Cheech out


Some Links to Sparks content


The Darkhorse Podcasts… know they must be over target, YouTube is censoring them!



New Woke Dictionary


Sparky references – These guys were never on my radar, but since YouTube has cancelled them, they will be on my radar.  See how that works?

Steven Pinker and Sam Harris

OH---The Daily Beast still carries a Pinker interview


Sparky Twitter shout outs







Additional Information: I always knew that Freud and Bernays were trouble.    I am much more a “Jungian” advocate, with our collective unconscious now actively programming the Herd T-cells to fight COVID.     Some of you may have noticed how our “celebrities” are kept on the plantation (towing the club lines) via huge payments via Netflix…..Turns out that Marc Bernays Randolph is the spawn of the same ilk……


20 on the Record witnesses prove that the Atlantic hit piece on Trump as “disrespecting” the military was completely wrong, including John Bolton, obviously no fan of Trump since his sacking.

Normie warning: you may want to Wikipedia OAN News firsts,  as this will cause cognitive dissonance, also reporting on “Cuties” which is basically child porn on Netflix.   Don’t worry, no child porn in this AON video.



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