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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

What's In Your Vaccine? None Of These Should Be Injected Into Your Body

stock here, I guess this is a meme.


  1. Memes in Mean Times

    Meme -- just a dream,
    More it would seem --
    Painted, silent screams
    Like burning DEW beams,
    Poisons in veins stream.
    "War on us" the main theme,
    Plans on paper in reams,
    Few really read THEIR scheme,
    Playing for and on THEIR team,
    In each eye, reddened gleams.

    Memes be just what you deem,
    Off-spring of ancient Reem.
    Drilling Boring Reaming:
    Real difference, not seeming.
    Know it going forward lest
    It get thee from behind!

    acd, 15 September 2020


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