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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Wins of The Day Sept 9, 2020

 Keep in mind, 9-11 is a powerful number, as is 3-11.    Its coming up soon.  

Stay frosty.

from a board posting

  1. Biden gave speech in Michigan decrying outsourcing of jobs and ignored that his son Hunter is affiliated with Chinese company that bought Michigan company and outsourced their jobs to China
  2. Democrat-appointed election inspector for 2016 election voted TWICE in that election
  3. Fauci sees no discrepancies between what he said publicly and what he told Woodward
  4. Asst Principal in NY who participated in riots and screamed “F*ck the police” is placed on leave
  5. Biden claims there are 6,000 dead in US military from covid19 … the real number is 7
  6. Trump to order thousands of troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan
  7. Hollywood committing suicide before our eyes, requires minority and LGBTQ quotas in cast or films cannot be nominated for Oscars

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