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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Wins of the Day

 Wins of the Day

  1. BLM founder admits to being deep into the occult and Marxism
  2. Monday Night Football ratings down 20% with social justice protests
  3. Trying to lecture Trump about foreign policy, Biden confuses Iraq with Iran
  4. Joe calls it the “Harris/Biden Administration”
  5. Joe confused again
  6. Poll shows Trump ahead of Biden in North Carolina
  7. State Dept documents exist showing the US knew about Burisma’s corruption during the entire time Hunter made money off it
  8. Good summary of why Trump will win
  9. Judge hammers rioters in Lancaster, PA, sets $1 million bail for each
  10. CNBC’s Jim Cramer calls Pelosi “crazy Nancy” to her face
  11. Rank and file Democrats criticizing Pelosi for withholding covid19 aid package
  12. Signing of two Middle East peace deals at the White House reveals the central role played by Trump
  13. DOJ opens criminal inquiry into John Bolton for classified disclosures in his book

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