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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

70,000 +COVID PCR Tests at 50 Universities, 3 hospitalized, ZERO Deaths, and the "Sauce"

Sorry for the formatting on the pictures in the down below "Sauce" copied from a Twitter Rollup. It would take an hour to fix that I just dont have.

 stock here: as expected, and partly justified, the Never Trumpers immediately hammered this table with "where is the source information!".   It is obviously false because there is no source information.... 

And note the Universities, Madison, potentially the most radically left University and has been for decades.  And I need to explain?   And then California.   Seems like you only get hospitalized if you are in a Democrat controlled state.....LOL

Also noted this is the first time that the "Thread Reader App" failed to work for me, failed 3 times.   It appears that Twitter is making that app dysfunction, as it allows information to be moved from Twitter to a site that Twitter can't censor, and they hate that. 


So I searched, and a real hero had put together 50 links, WOW.    Mahalo!

Andrew Bostom Profile picture
23h, 51 tweets, 21 min read
1/ Campus C19 update, 10/5/20: Despite ~70K C19+ tests at 50 major universities, barely any reported hospitalizations (i.e., 3), & no deaths. (Tabulated below, with explanation, & more refs following tweet thread) ImageImage
6a/ refs for Miami U of Ohio…
37/ SUNY-Oneonta
47/ Louisiana State U…
48/ U of Louisville…

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