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Sunday, October 18, 2020

All of ICU Cases in USA, Could Be Handled In Wisconsin Alone! And They Are Pretending WI Has a Huge Problem!

I didn't suspect it was this "bad".   Meaning the lies and propaganda were so huge.    So I again downloaded the entire USA by State History of COVID per the leftist Atlantic.

Be advised, most municipalities can expand their ICU capacity by 180% to 200% in days.

They are pretending that there is a huge problem in Wisconsin with "cases" and with hospitalizations.    And if the news is correct, the hospitalizations are up in WI.   Many are scared, even smart people.   Smart people are not immune to 24/7 propaganda, especially if it fits their desire to not have to think about Donald Trump anymore. 

Oh, One Little Issue Here.....

This is the Intensive Care Daily Chart of All Beds Taken.....OF THE USA.
Wisconsin could handle all the ICU cases in the USA!  Even if they went up 40%

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