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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Hawaiian Vulcanism and Geo-Mechanics -- Best of the Best Compilation

Been rather focused on exposes the Cabal, but I really enjoy Geomechanics much better.    Some of my stuff is cutting edge, and I do mean for the entire world and academia establishment. 

I have created a "slice and dice" method of Geomechanics in which I mapped the combined magma chambers of Moana Loa and Kilaeua, and the above sea level magma chamber of Moana Loa.    Its going to take a few hours to get it up to professional standards, and has been on my plate since March.

No one else claims to have that. 

Made a cool movie today, of Above Sea Level EQ in Hawaii in the last year.....hint, there were 555 of them. 




There is a lot of interesting stuff about Hawaii, like the 1000' tsunami occasionally set off by the Hilina Slump movement, this would be 150' hitting the west coast.

The 2018 Hawaiian Volcanic Event (biggest in over 200 years) was triggered by a movement of the Hilina Slump made totally obvious here by a movie sequence I created.

And the shutdown of the 2018 HVE was facilitated by the 6.9 Aug 5, 2018, where would you guess....Indonesia

Also Hawaii is intimately connected with Indonesia using magnetic or gravitational triggers...

And how much weight did the 2018 Event add to stress on the Hilina slump?

It looks like the 2018 Hawaiian VE, and New Zealand are connected, as least through GCR triggers

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