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Thursday, October 15, 2020

 stock here: Hawaii has not comitted suicide, it has been murdered.    Governor Ige, worth $300M, loves China.   Mazie Hirono is just a horrible person.   It's a tangled corrupt mess.

I received a vote by mail ballot from Hawaii.   I did not ask for it.   I did not claim residency in Hawaii for over 8 years.

 The ZeroHedge sotry is below these comments, and here.


Over the course of my life I have easily spent healthy 6 figures visiting beautiful Hawaii.

 My disgust with hawaiians is summarized by watching the public statements of your pathetic Senator Mazie Hirono.  Until you vote her out not one more red cent.  It is an insult.

 My last trip was right before Mueller gave his pathetic, "what, there was an investigation?" testimony.  My AC in our condo was acting up and I called for maint.  A really nice guy who was obviously local and I struck up a conversation.  He was sure Trump was a Russian agent and I asked him about Tulsi.  He KNEW Mueller was going to be the bomb.   He said he wasn't too sure about Tulsi.  I sensed he was wearing the Rachel Maddow ******.   Very pathetic.

 You Hawaiians need to get your stuff together and the only way to voice displeasure is to not visit.  Sorry,

Gov Ige is incapable of making a decision. 

Mazi is crazy and is the biggest racist in Hawaii.  Just look at her questions for ACB.

The corruption is huge in Hawaii.  Unions.  Kickbacks.  Dumb****s.

Locals think they are above any body else, yet they hardly even work.

The $10B train is broke.

Traffic is a nightmare.

The dems did this to everybody on the islands. 

And the people keep voting for these lame brain democrats.

Anyone here who is conservative has to keep that to themselves.  They would be pummeled by the rage filled liberals.  

The average person though is absolutely FEDUP with the the lockdown and seeing businesses close left and right.  We have to think often of where we can go eat as the closures are occurring with such frequency our choices are dwindling.  


On Maui, there was a large TRUMP parade. It was pretty incredible and I am sure blew some minds.  



Absolute *INSANE* what the dems have done to Hawaii. 

Tulsi Gabbard, Dem congresswoman from Hawaii, is not running for reelection.  I don't believe she had any major scandals to run from, and she did better than expected in presidential debates, which should be a plus.  (And we have her to thank for taking down Kamala Harris.)  Does she see the state swinging right?  Or was Kamala's revenge too much?

Go democrats!!!!


You made your bed when you voted!  Now, sleep in it!

At least she recognizes it is not Trump's fault, all those restrictions are implemented by her state.. and other blue states. I don't understand how these dem governors think, they implement lockdowns and try to blame it on Trump..they must think we are idiots


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