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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

William and Mel Gates Smirking and Suppressing Giggles As B.Gates States "The Second Virus Will Get Attention This Time"

stock here:  If they do have a "second virus", then I think it would have been deployed early in October to allow it to spread, to create fear and damnation against Trump.

So I think they are not going to release said virus this year, if it exists.

The "start/stop" approach to killing businesses, especially small businesses, is very effective.   Utilities use it to destroy the solar industries that were getting too much traction in their "territory".    And like little lap dogs begging for their next meal, no matter how tiny, the weakened survivors kow tow to the behemoth utilities that insert their ex-executives into the Public Utility Commission.    

They ask questions about the new vague rules they may survive under, rather than questions the entire bullshit behind the supposed justification for the "new normal".

 Sound familiar?   


Bill Gates and "Mel"  

We will have to prepare for the next one....that will get attention this time. 



A reader thinks that maybe Bill Gates is not a Narissitic Death Monger, and "simply" and NWO Globalist.

Everything's subject to interpretation, so read into what you will.

I see condescension, arrogance, and "I told you so." When he says people will pay attention next time, he's giving you the "I told you so." He's also referring to social conditioning. They've been quite successful in terrifying people. People are not only willing to accept lockdowns, but eagerly enforce them on their neighbors. We've all seen the scolds and Karens demanding you wear masks and social distance. Just follow orders. The Democrat party proved highly efficient at coordinating lockdowns wherever they held power, and the media eagerly stoked the fear with their nightly body counts and shaming. We've even got medical professionals fully trained to do a proper lit search and read the evidence for themselves who promote all this as if it's completely fine. Gates knows this and I think he sees it as a victory, a successful prototype test.

And he doesn't have to find a new bioweapon. New viruses and diseases emerge all the time naturally. He just needs to pick one to exploit. He'll just wait Trump out (which he thinks is a few months), and when someone more compliant is in power, he'll move. We've all read the plans. Agenda 21. Agenda 2030. More recently, the leaked Canadian plans for internment camps under the guise of enforcing quarantine.

This guy thinks he holds the cards and he's still in control and he's still going to get his NWO. That's how I'm reading that smirk.


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