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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Is The Trump COVID Narrative Simply A First Step In The "Great Reset", Election Put Off a Year

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I believe this is overblown, but nothing about the Trump COVID story makes sense, therefore we should cast our nets wide and not limit our thinking. 

Also this.  




I seems to me that a lot of anons on here are presuming that POTUS is actually sick with Covid. I for one do not believe this to be the case. I do not even believe he is actually at Walter Reed anymore. It was a convenient escape route to get away and out of sight for SAFETY and SECURITY reasons. I think he is long gone somewhere else. Someone spotted AF1 flying over Canada after Trump had been dropped at the WRH. There was an awful lot of Military air traffic going on off the East Coast as well.

It is my opinion that we are in the final stages (Stage 9) of the countdown. Q and Q+ know there is no possible way to have a fair election on Nov 3rd, with what we have in NY where 100K ballots were messed up. How would these people now vote with various ballots floating around and they then decide to hell with it, we will vote in person?

There is no reasonable way to secure the election on Nov 3, imo. So how does this get fixed? Here is how:

  • The QFS (Quantum Global System) will be announced prior to Nov 3, via the EMS system from AF1 or a remote, secret location where POTUS went to. This is the Global Financial Reset which will put the entire planet on the new Gold Standard. Some small countries have already switched over.
  • Included in the EMS alert will be explanations of what has transpired with the DS crimes, child trafficking, R and D party corruption, etc.
  • Trump's relationship with Q will be revealed.****
  • The Major Arrests will start to happen with Clintons being the first. Q posted both their pics separately in recent posts and the CF is in the headlines with the Durham declas.
  • Technology companies like fb, twatter, yt, etc. will be recovered for the people (since they were CIA funded to begin with) and the public will start to learn what Anons already know via open internet with no restrictions on content (other than criminal activity).
  • The Mockingbird Media company execs, and accomplices, will be arrested and the MSM will start reporting neutral, unbiased news/truth instead of politically motivated bullshit lies.
  • The QFS includes the recovery of over $700 trillion which will be given back to the people in the form of HUGE stimulus programs, including building America back up and sums of money returned to citizens with checks or direct deposit (as was done with the $1200 we all got).
  • All debts will be forgiven including students loans, etc.
  • Judges will all be retrained in actual Constitutional Law.
  • The Constitution will also be amended to prevent the corruption levels that were achieved currently. Term limits for all politicians included.
  • The election is called off with new elections announced for 120 days in the future. The election will be executed with the SAFE Bitchute technology which makes fraud impossible. The US Post Office bought the patent for this system and Mark Meadows was on Fox news a few weeks ago talking about an election system they had been working on since 2017 that would secure all future elections.
  • 2021 will be the BEST Year the USA and the rest of the planet have ever had. All freedoms given and world poverty will start to be addressed.

-------------------------------------------------------- A Response

Ain't that something, even as a possibility.

I list these as the possibilities (are there any more?):

1) Some wild takedown of Deep State as explained above, with Trump not actually sick.

2) Trump is sick, but gets better quickly, and wins the election, with a legal team fighting all the voter fraud. Do recall that Deep State went after him like nuts in 2016 too.

3) Trump doesn't get better, or doesn't immediately, and Pence takes over, possibly even running and winning the election. (Your VP choice if Trump is incompacitated?)

4) Biden wins the election by some means, probably fake. Militias that are already forming now are organized around the country, and take control of communities. Almost all the military, except some top brass, support the militias and are ready to back them up. Local police, of course, line up with the militias. NONE of them go along with the Democrats (wonder why?). Biden's puppet masters may technically be in charge but they have no enforcement power. This is along the line of what has happened in Virginia, where gun control laws have been passed but sheriffs refuse to enforce them. How we get back to normal from this I am not really sure.

We cannot be dependent on one guy's health. We need to be ready for anything.


When they said he was going to WR, I immediately thought it could be cover to go somewhere else. Somewhere they don't know...

[–] 25852539? 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

So did I. Did anyone else notice the different salutes from POTUS when boarding Marine One, and leaving Marine One at Walter Reed? He takes pride in his salutes. When he left, it was a good salute with his thumb properly tucked against the rest of his fingers. When he landed at WR his salute had his thumb at a 90 degree angle from his palm. Body double? It would be easy to do that while wearing a mask. Just make a complex Trump wig and put it on someone with the same build. The double could've already been on Marine One when it landed at the White House, and Trump could've stayed on at Walter Reed.

I hate the to whole body-double and clone theories, but that salute bothers me.



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