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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Marxist Hawaii CV19 Travel "Regulations"


Safe Travels Help

Table of Contents

What do I do if I am having issues with the digital form, such as getting an error message (i.e. database error)?

Clear your browser cache before trying again. See links below for browser specific instructions.
Safari (iPhone, iPad)
Safari (Mac)
Chrome (Desktop)
Chrome (Android)

Which browsers can I use to access the Safe Travels digital form?

You can use any modern browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc.) except Internet Explorer.

For Technical Assistance:

You may submit a request online to the Safe Travels Service Desk:

Call the Safe Travels Program: 1-800-GOHAWAI or (1-800-464-2924)

Press 1 for Safe Travels Digital Platform Technical Service Desk (10 a.m. to 10 p.m. HST).
Calls outside of working hours will go to voicemail and be returned the next business day.

Travel Quarantine Exemption Request 

Safe Travels Pre-Test Program 

What is the purpose of the Safe Travels Digital Form?

This mandatory digital form is for all incoming travelers – visitors and residents – to the State of Hawaii.*  It is critical to protecting the health of our residents and visitors alike.  Safe Travels is one part of a multi-layered screening process which includes arrival temperature checks, and secondary screening for those with symptoms or temperatures of 100.4 degrees or higher.  The objective of the Safe Travels digital form is to reduce the  amount of time the traveler stands in line at the airport to go through the screening process upon arrival.

*Who needs to fill out the Safe Travels Digital form?

This mandatory digital form is for all travelers entering the State of Hawaii.  However, interisland travelers to Oahu, are not subject to the 14-day quarantine and do not have to use the Safe Travels digital platform to travel to Oahu.


What steps must travelers complete in the Safe Travels Digital Platform to upload documents (such as a COVID test result) and receive a QR code for the screening process?

    1. Create a Safe Travels Digital Platform account at
    2. Create a Profile
    3. Create a Trip
    4. Upload Document(s)
    5. Complete the Health Questionnaire within 24 hours of the departure

How do I create a Login for the Safe Travels digital form?

  1. Go to the Safe Travels site at
  2. Select Create An Account.
  3. A new account can be created by email, Facebook login, or Google login.
  4. Click Sign up.
  5. Proceed to fill out a Profile, Trip, and a Health Questionnaire (Note: Health Questionnaire is only available within 24 hours of your flight).

How do I create a Profile?

*Note: Each traveler aged 18 and over must create their own profile

  1. After logging in.
  2. Click on the Person icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Profile.
  4. Fill out the About You section.
  5. After entering your primary contact telephone and email, click Verify in each field to receive a verification code through text message and email. Verifying your contact number and email well ahead of arrival will expedite the screening process at the airport. Then click Next Section.
  6. Fill out the Traveler Home Address section, then click Next Section.
  7. If you are traveling with minors, please click +Travel Party Member to add the information for each minor (minors only need to be added under one adult profile).
  8. Select Submit.

How do I create a Trip?

  1. Select the Trips icon on the Home Screen.
  2. Select +Add Trip.
  3. Fill in Trip Details.
  4. Add a Trip for each leg of travel.  A QR code will be needed for each leg of your trip.
  5. If you are transiting through HNL, you will create a trip for each leg.    Ex. Trip 1 – LAX -> HNL (Select “Transit” under “Reason for Trip”)     Trip 2 – HNL -> OGG
  6. If you are transiting through a neighbor island to Honolulu as your final destination:   Ex.  NRT -> HNL (example: transiting through KOA)
  7. If you are a returning Resident to Hawaii, select “Returning Resident” under “Reason for Trip.”
  8. Fill in your designated Quarantine Location while in Hawaii.
  9. In the Additional Travel Party Members section, check the minors who will be travelling with you (minors only need to be added under one adult trip).



  • Have your test in hand when you arrive in Hawaii, even if you upload it here
  • Uploading your test after arriving in Hawaii can result in several days wait in quarantine until your test is reviewed
  • Only upload tests from Hawaii’s Trusted Testing Partners, all other tests will be rejected
  • See for a list of our testing partners
  • Make sure your first and last name, test date, test result, name of trusted testing partner are on the test
  • Makes sure the first and last name on the test result matches the first and last name in the Safe Travels digital form.
  • Upload a good quality Adobe PDF file with only the first page of your test result in 8.5 by 11 inch format
  • Don’t upload screenshots of your phone, mobile device or computer, or photos of your test, they will fail
  • Test are verified by labs, submitting a falsified test is a crime and will be prosecuted


How do I  upload a document (such as a COVID test results)?

  1. Go to Documents on the home page.
  2. On the Travel Documents Page
    1. Click on “upload file”
    2. Select the Trip
    3. Select the Traveler
    4. Select the type of document to be uploaded, (i.e. “COVID-19 Test Result”) from the drop-down menu.
    5. Choose the file
    6. Click Submit
  3. You are only able to upload a COVID-19 test result that was taken within 72 hours from the final leg of travel.
  4. COVID test results should be uploaded separately for each Travel Party Member.
  5. If your test result is verified, the status of the document will show COVID Negative under “Uploaded Documents.”
  6. If the system is unable to verify your test result, bring a paper copy or display the test result on your mobile device to be verified by the airport screener at arrival.
  7. To upload a recent photo of yourself (selfies are okay), select “Recent Photo of Yourself” in the drop-down menu and upload your photo.


How do I fill out the Health Questionnaire?

*Note: The Health Questionnaire is only available to be filled in no more than 24 hours in advance.

  1. Select the Health Questionnaire icon on the Home Screen.
  2. Select your trip (only trips arriving in Hawaii within 24 hours are available in the drop down).
  3. Enter health details for you and your travel party members.
  4. Sign the Attestation.
  5. Select Accept Signature.
  6. Select Submit.
  7. When prompted, “Do you want to submit the Health Questionnaire?, Select Yes, Submit It.
  8. A QR code will be emailed to you and can also be found under Trip Details.  This QR code will be scanned upon arrival.

How do I get a QR Code?

In order to get a QR Code, you must complete the Health Questionnaire which is only available on the Safe Travels application and is only available to be filled in no more than 24 hours in advance. Once the Health Questionnaire is completed, the QR Code is emailed and appears under Trip Details.

Why do I need a QR Code?

The QR code makes the arrival screening process faster for you. The QR code is needed for airport personnel to pull up your information electronically to validate your information and you will be asked to sign the Quarantine Order.

How do I upload my COVID-19 result document after I am screened (Post-Arrival)?

Do not leave quarantine or return to the airport to verify test results.

  1. Go to Documents on the home page.
  2. On the Travel Documents Page
    1. Click on “upload file”
    2. Select the Trip
    3. Select the Traveler
    4. Select the type of document to be uploaded, (i.e. “COVID-19 Test Result”) from the drop-down menu.
    5. Choose the file
    6. Click Submit

Will I get Daily Check-In reminders?

Yes, you will receive an email reminding you to go to the website, to complete the Daily Check-in for you and your travel party members.

*Note: Daily Check-in begins the day after you arrive. If you are a Hawaii resident traveling from another island to Oahu, you will not be subject to quarantine.

How do I complete a Daily Check-In?

  1. Log into the Safe Travels application
  2. Select the Daily Check-Ins icon on the Home Screen.
  3. Select your trip from the drop-down list.
  4. Select the Location Type in the Self-quarantine location details section.
  5. Select Submit.

How do I obtain my Safe Travels Exemption Information?

  1. Once you’re screened at the airport, your Trip details will be updated with your Safe Travels Exemption Information.
  2. You will be able to show it to your ground transportation and hotel accommodations as evidence that you are exempt from the mandatory 14-day quarantine. It can be accessed under “Trips.”

Can I update my quarantine location?

If you have not been processed yet at the airport by a screener, use the Traveler App to update your self-quarantine location in Trips. After submitting the updated Trip, you can regenerate the QR code by going to Health Questionnaire, selecting the trip, and clicking Yes, generate it when asked if you would like to generate the QR code again. Use this updated QR code when you are being screened at the airport.

Where can I view the Order for Self-Quarantine?

Order for Self Quarantine


More Safe Travels FAQs


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