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Saturday, October 10, 2020

SARS-COV-2 Plandemic

Well said, well said!


This Covid-19 planned scamdemic_* is totalitarian, top-down, dictatorial direction by demonically driven ultra-wealthy globalist sociopaths to government leaders at all levels for the primary purpose of establishing a one-world government, one-world monetary system, and one-world antichrist religion. The mainstream media is owned, corrupted, and controlled by these same hell-bent, power-crazed psychopathic entities to beguile, bamboozle, and propagandize the planet's population with their insidious agenda. By and large, politicians are pawns subservient with their dictated, dictatorial scripts thrust on them, puppet-people being played and pounded against the public.

*_Crimes Against Humanity_*
_The Basis for a Class Action Against the Perpetrators of the Corona Scandal_

*_Plandemic Indoctrination_*
_Watch The Full Movie For Free_

*_Facts About Covid-19_*

*_Questioning Covid-19_*
_Clinicians, Researchers, & Health Experts From Around the World_
_Interrogating the Mainstream Narrative Around the Pandemic_

*_Operation Covid-19_*
_A Comprehensive Series of Exclusive Exposés,_
_Big-Picture Analyses and Health Warnings_

*_Coronavirus Resource Center_*
_By Peter R. Breggin, MD & Ginger Breggin_

*_Investigative Report on the Covid-19 Pandemic and_*
*_Its Relationship to SARS-CoV-2 and Other Factors_*
_By Association of French Reserve Army Officers_

*_Covid-19 and Truth_*
_Dr. Rashid A. Buttar_

*_Dr. Peter R. Breggin’s Covid-19 Totalitarianism Legal Report_*
*_The Quick Overview of Dr. Breggin’s Covid-19 Totalitarianism Legal Report_*
_The Introduction and Conclusion Only. 8 pages_

*_Renowned Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati Sues Canadian Government_*

_Propaganda and Misinformation – The Truth About Covid-19_

*_The government’s response to Covid-19 has had many adverse consequences._*
• Thousands have died because lifesaving surgeries, organ transplants, and other treatments have been deemed “non-essential.”
• Covid patients are dying after being denied lifesaving treatment (hydroxychloroquine, zinc, azithromycin).
• The elderly are suffering extreme isolation, psychological abuse, and neglect.
They are dying alone from causes unrelated to Covid and denied the comfort of loved ones by their side.
• Deaths by suicide, anxiety and depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and domestic violence have increased exponentially.
• Recent data collected by the CDC revealed that 25% of children have considered suicide due to the extreme measures of isolation.
• Many are unable to pay their mortgages or rent and are on the brink of losing their homes.
• Millions of Canadians have lost their jobs or businesses.
• Travel bans and other restrictions are affecting the ability of investors, global and local firms, and entrepreneurs to do business.
• Small businesses are being targeted in favor of large corporations. The red tape and bureaucracy are causing a lack of productivity, leading to closure in many cases.
• The Canadian debt load has increased exponentially, saddling our children and grandchildren indefinitely.
*_The prolonged emergency measures are unlawful and in violation of nearly every section of the Charter._*

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