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Friday, October 23, 2020

The Cabal's Capture of Science -- And It's Use To Bring Our World To It's Knees

stock here: List compiled by a reader at The Irish Savant, well worthwhile stopping in there! 

I have also written on Stephen Hawking, you know the fake one, doing a world tour and a submarine ride at Epstein island with a blond hottie for "escort".....story here, and pictures of him on the island.

Why is this important?   Academia and Science have been corrupted just as badly as the DOJ and our local and district judges and prosecutors.    And why has tuition gone up 400%?   Partly to enslave the graduates with debt, and no out through bankruptcy.    This make them also "eligible" for persuasion into a certain attitude and actions.    I mean you can't honey trap the entire country.


List of 25 scientists all of whom have been affiliated with or funded by Jeffrey Epstein, and who also promote, implement and are the beneficiaries of the cohenavirus plandemic and its consequences.

Anne Harrington – science historian, history of psychiatry, neuroscience, cognitive science

Ben Goertzel – mathematics, artificial intelligence researcher

Charles Lieber Nanotechnology

Daniel Dennett – philosopher, writer, cognitive scientist

Danny Hillis – inventor, entrepreneur, scientist

Eric Lander – mathematician, geneticist

George Church – geneticist, molecular engineer, chemist

Howard Gardner – developmental psychologist

Jaron Lanier – computer scientist

Joi Ito – head of MIT Media Lab, resigned over ties to Epstein

Joscha Bach – cognitive scientist

Kip Thorne – theoretical physicist

Larry Summers – economist

Lawrence Krauss – theoretical physicist and cosmologist

Lisa Randall – theoretical physicist and cosmologist

Martin Nowak – mathematical biologist

Nathan Myhrvold – applied mathematics

Nicholas Negroponte – architect, founder MIT Media Lab and ‘One Laptop per Child’

Noam Chomsky – linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian

Oliver Sachs – neurologist, naturalist, historian of science, and author

Richard Dawkins – ethnologist, evolutionary biologist

Robert L Trivers – evolutionary biologist and sociobiologist

Roger Schank – cognitive psychologist

Stephen Kosslyn – psychologist, neuroscientist, ‘expert on the science of learning’

Steven Pinker – cognitive psychologist, linguist

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