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Sunday, November 29, 2020

23 Statements That Can Test Your Appreciation of Sarcasm and Ability to Discern the Truth


Covid is real

China luvs you

The 2020 election was 100% fair and fraud free

General Flynn did not challenge the Zero admin for helping ISIS

911 was done by 19 guys who couldn't fly and had box cutters

Steel framed skyscrapers always fall in their own footprint when hit by a plane on a certain day.

LHO killed JFK

Epstein culled himself and according to Barr it was a combination of f-ups that led to it.

Trump is Hitler

Excess death in 2020 is in the millions. That's why the cemeteries are overflowing and half your street is in mourning.

WMDs were definitely found in Iraq. Colin Powell did not recant his UN testimony about Iraq.

Joe Biden knew nothing about a crackpipe or China.

The Gulf of Tonkin incident really happened.

The NSA does not spy on Americans

The FBI, CIA and NSA are protecting America and luv Americans

Clapper, Comey and Brennan are true patriots and men of honor.

The police state is not real and we know this because of covid.

The justice system is fantastic because we know that they never rule in a partisan matter.

AOC luvs America and is a true patriot that's why she got elected to congress.

Richard Blumenthal served in Vietnam and was a hero.

John McCain and and the Atlantic Council/ Sedona foundation helped Ukraine in a peaceful manner.

Victoria Neuland never said that 5 billion dollars was sent to Ukraine to help change the regime.

Hillbag never said she had to go down the street to get her marching orders from the CFR.

Russia stole the election from Hillbag and and had nothing to do with the Steele dossier (which was totally legit).

Orange man is bad.

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