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Thursday, November 26, 2020

An Opinion -- A Color Revolution -- They Wanted To Purposefully Get Caught Stealing The Election

stock here -- not my comment, but one worth absorbing.   I do not agree with the "idolization of all that is Q", nor the idea that Patriots are in control.    Some obvious key points are:

1) Why is Christopher Wray even part of the government much less in a key position.

2) Why does William Barr have to be forced into action, even against the most obvious wrongs?

3) Why did the Michael Flynn debacle drag out so long?

4) Why is the Mocking Bird Media allowed to continue their blatant propaganda

5) Why is the COVID narrative not exposed for what it really is?



This is a movie with “bad” actors.(Remember, “double” meanings exist). In my estimation we are about to reach the climax in its storyline, and we are approaching the midway point in its running time.(If we were playing 5D chess we would be cruising through the middlegame with a superior position) The protagonist(Trump) is currently pitted against the antagonist(Biden). 

There is about to be an all out legal war between the two sides. It will be for the office of POTUS, which will represent the last chance for “democracy” to survive in America. It’s going to be biblical and it gets me to my thoughts as to why the “election fraud” is happening.


The forces behind the puppet that is Joe Biden(Soros[Schwartz. Hungarian born (((JEW)))], Lord Malloch Brown, Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, Dominion, Smartmatic, The Clinton Foundation, China, Iran, members of the House of Saud, many others, and lastly, but certainly not least, (((THEM))): The Jews that permeate our government[Mossad/CIA], the mockingbird media, lawyers, doctors and bankers[FLYROTHSFLY]) never wanted him to actually take the office of POTUS. Their play, out of shear desperation, was to purposely get caught stealing the election. Follow me a little further here.


For decades our side has been baited to come into the streets by “our very own federal government”. In the face of that, both conservatives, and even national socialists, refrained from being provoked.(It is vitally important that that remains the case. Both Q and Trump emphasize peace and remaining calm. Listen.

[Anyone who wants to become violent at this point is a coward, a wannabe, and clearly doesn’t understand Q’s message]) 

Because of failed provocation of the right, their only chance for complete civil unrest, via an attempt at a color revolution, is this: “Trump is an evil fascist dictator who wrongfully stole the election from “democracy’s”(the last of the good people) president, Sleepy Creepy Joe Biden.”(A man who’s own people knew couldn’t win, and that’s why they didn’t bother to campaign).


That is (((their))) middlegame maneuver to try and transition into a winnable endgame. They are going to whip up/brainwash support from the last portion of the lefts remaining base. They are the furthest left, most violent, most extreme, most communist, low IQ, low brain function, and ready to have an excuse to attack both Trump and anyone who ever supported him kinda people. That excuse also achieves the false moral high ground the left perches on, it makes their base feel righteous and empowered. There is power in being a victim and (((they))) exploit that.


The attempt at a color revolution on our horizon is also going to include the excuse to completely stop acting within “whatever Trump system (hard to believe it’s the Constitution) that the evil, fascist, orange, evil, dictating, white, and fascist dictator is creating to enslave us all”. 

Irony. (((You know who))) always likes to blame others for the evil deeds (((THEY))) are perpetrating. Even sicker is (((THEY))) gaslight whatever, and whoever, they want. (((THEY))) do this through the mockingbird media, no matter how hypocritical it is. It’s disgusting.


A Biden presidency, or a Harris presidency for that matter, doesn’t achieve that. A purposely sloppy, and completely over the top, election steal with the idea of getting caught, fighting the fraud claims, and turning around to scream, through the mocking bird media, that “the evil dictator stole the election and now we need a color revolution” is their only real chance at exactly that. 

There is still no reason to worry though, because PATRIOTS are in control, we have everything, and those people are stupid. Sit back. Relax. Get some popcorn, and put on the full armor of God, while you enjoy your regularly scheduled program. (“The Show”)


[D]igital [S]oldiers, leave it all on the “battlefield”. Together we win!


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